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Thank you for choosing Amber-Spirit Collars

Here is some interesting information about Baltic Amber we thought you should know:

About 60 million years ago, where now the Baltic Sea is located there use to be gigantic forests of prehistoric pine trees. The climate was hot and moisty, the forests were a habitat for many life forms that survived the dinosaur's extinction.


As a healing mechanism of injures made by storms, lightning strikes, diseases, or parasites the pine trees produced large amounts of sticky resin to seal the injured areas. The resin dropped slowly into the forest floor where it was carried by floods and finally covered by many layers of dirt.


Cold whether made the pine trees extinct but the underground and slowly transformed into an Amber. During millions of years what use to be a forest became a sea and strong currents, rivers and icebergs curried large Amber deposits to the eastern coasts of the Baltic Sea.

Its amazing that we can hold in our hands something as old as the dinosaurs. Those little amber stones stand the test of time and contains the amazing energy of nature.


Therefore, since the dawn of human history Baltic amber were known as a healing, pain and stress relieves,

and mostly fleas and ticks repellent!

How does the Amber Collar work?

The amber contains natures essential oils, the resin's scent of the amber that comes from friction of the amber with the pets fur makes the ticks feel uncomfortable, ticks does not like that smell. By the way ticks can smell, it doesn’t have a nose like us, but it has the heller organ which is located on it's front legs. This organ helps the tick to spot the scent of a potential prey.


Amber also repellent fleas and ticks in electrostatic way the friction of the amber with your pet's fur makes a small electrostatic charge that makes the fleas and ticks inconvenience. Its completely harmless for your pet but it gives a major shock to a small parasite like the fleas or ticks.


Usually it takes three weeks or more of wearing the amber collar to get maximum effect, the longer your pet wears the amber, the resin scent spreads better on your pet's fur, it has more effective electrostatic charge. Those increase the collar efficiency.


We would like to say that there is no 100% protection from fleas and ticks whether its chemical or natural and it is also true for our amber collars.


The most of our clients are satisfied, about 95% of them. But we don’t want to prevent this information from you.

In any case it's worth a try.

How to get the maximum from your pets amber collars?

Let us give you some advice from our experience:

  • For maximum effect we recommend washing the collar every two weeks, that way the fleas and ticks collar repellent works the best.

  • Wash the collar with warm water and soap and let it dry during the night or one hour in the sun              light.

  • Don’t worry if a few stones fell off, the collar is efficient even with 70% of its stones.

  • Leave the amber collar on your pet all the time, as much as your pet wears the amber collar its efficiency increases.


Distributed by Pet Pharm LTD.

Available in selected stores.

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